Temporary Motorhome Insurance
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Insuring a motorhome for a short period

Since motorhomes are usually only used for fairly short periods throughout the year it is quite appropriate that temporary insurance is available for them. Provided that they meet the criteria, these vehicles can be insured for between a single day and 28 days at a time, and it does not matter whether the driver owns the vehicle, has borrowed it, or has rented it. This last fact makes this type of insurance suitable for people who own motorhomes themselves but who wish to hire them out from time to time either as a business venture or to help to defray costs.

As usual there are a number of restrictions. The vehicle must have been constructed originally as a motorhome, which means that it must have at least one full length (i.e., six-foot) bed, a fitted dining area and cupboards. For some reason which is not entirely clear, it must not have been manufactured in the USA! Why, I have no idea.

Although modifications to cater for disabled drivers or passengers are acceptable, as well as LPG conversion, no other modifications should have been made to the vehicle since it left the manufacturer.

There is a weight limit of 5 tonnes GVW, the engine size must not exceed 3000 cc and the value must be less than ?50,000.

As if that wasn't enough to digest the driver should normally be aged 25 at least, with a reasonable driving record and no criminal record within the last five years.

Commonsense driving is expected. The vehicle should not be taken to any dangerous locations; that is fairly self-explanatory, and includes not only natural hazards but man-made ones such as thermonuclear power stations, oil refineries, explosives and pyrotechnics stores, etc. Speaking of which, hazardous materials should not be carried within the vehicle, although LPG for cooking in a standard metal cylinder is acceptable.

Policies can be booked at any time of day or night online and paid for by credit card, and documentation is delivered by e-mail as soon as the transaction has been concluded, which means that you can obtain cover at the very last minute if necessary.