Insuring a motorbike from month to month

Motorbike insurer EBike have a very useful scheme under which you can have what is virtually a normal motorbike insurance policy for a bike that you own but this is bought on a month-to-month basis, rather than an annual one. The way it works is: you pay in advance for one months cover, by credit card, and towards the end of that month you receive a renewal notice. You have the option of cancelling the cover at that stage and the policy will lapse without you having to pay any cancellation charges. If you do nothing the policy will be renewed automatically, up to a maximum of eight months.

Because this is very similar to a standard motorcycle policy you can have the option of cover for social and domestic purposes, excluding commuting; social and domestic including commuting; and business use. You can even, subject to an extra premium, be covered for courier services, dispatch riding or even fast food deliveries. Subject to acceptance up to 4 riders and up to 4 different bikes can be covered (named riders will be covered for social domestic and pleasure purposes only) and as you would normally expect the following uses would be strictly excluded: racing, rallying, carrying passengers for hire or reward, commercial travelling or any usage connected to the motor trade.

EBike is a completely online service; policies cannot be purchased over the telephone or over-the-counter which helps keep costs to an absolute minimum, which is reflected in very competitive quotations

If none of the conditions above are problem to you, you should be able to arrange your insurance cover extremely quickly online, and since you can buy the cover at any time of day or night with immediate commencement if necessary this could well solve a lot of problems for you if you want to use your bike at short notice.

As well as monthly policies EBike offer competitive annual and classic bike policies too.


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