Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary Car Insurance for foreign licence holders

One common question is 'can drivers from other countries use UK temporary car insurance?' If these drivers come from the European Union then the answer is yes, they can indeed. It is also, however, available to drivers from Australia and New Zealand; possibly because motorists from these countries are used to driving on similar roads to ours, with similar driving rules.

These drivers would have to have a current full New Zealand or Australian driving licence, as well as a current passport. The minimum age is normally 23, but this would vary according to other factors; if in doubt it would be as well to try for a quotation, and see whether or not the application was accepted. Needless to say, a fairly clean driving record as well as an absence of criminal convictions would make the application far smoother. Any offences of a serious nature within the last five years would almost certainly lead to a refusal to insure.

The car would have to be one that was initially purchased and currently registered in the UK, with no modifications apart from those made by the original manufacturer. It could be used for the social, domestic and pleasure purposes of the driver, as well as driving to and from business, but not for the carriage of any goods or persons for hire or reward. As usual, and as expected, no dangerous goods or illegal materials could be carried, and all hazardous areas such as nuclear power stations, military installations and oil refineries should be studiously avoided.

Visitors from abroad very often wish to travel around to see the sights and visit UK friends and relatives and this could be an excellent way of providing them with transport using a car that you own yourself or which can be borrowed from friends or other relatives, and could be a lot cheaper than using a hired car - if a hire company could be persuaded to rent one to a foreigner, which some will not. In the meanwhile why not check our driving guide for foreign visitors to the UK?