Three months Car Insurance

How to insure your car for a few months

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Do you only need insurance for 3 months?

If you are planning to change your car, sell it, emigrate, or give up driving completely you may wish to insure a car for a shorter period than a year. There are three ways of insuring a car for just three months which are:

Taking out several short-term policies

There are a number of companies that offer short-term car insurance for up to 28 days. Some of them will allow you to start a new policy straight after an existing one has ended; and if the one you have chosen doesn't, there is no reason why you shouldn't take out another 28 day policy with a different company.

Disadvantages: short-term policies are economically justifiable if you need to insure a vehicle for just a few days or weeks. They are not a substitute for a yearly policy however, which inevitably works out far cheaper per day.

If you need cover for more than two or three months it may work out more expensive than a yearly policy.

Advantages: you may not know exactly how long you will need cover for. With a short-term policy you have far more flexibility. Since you can get policies for anywhere between an hour and 28 days you can arrange to be covered for exactly the length of time you need to be, and no more.

Insure your car for 12 months then cancel the policy

Reputable insurers will allow you to cancel your policy at any time. They are however entitled to charge you an administration fee, and this can sometimes be heavy. How much you will be charged has to be set out clearly in their terms and conditions, which must be made available to you before you buy the policy.

If you had a number of 'optional' extras included in your policy, such as legal representation or roadside assistance, they may have been provided by a different company. You may have thought that they were free but no, they probably weren't, and they may not be easy to cancel.

It is vital that if you plan to go down this route, that you carefully check the insurer's terms and conditions before buying the policy. There is usually little point in comlaining if you face cancellation charges that have already been spelled out.

Find a specialist three-month car insurer

We have found a number of insurers in the past that were prepared to either offer cover for three or six months, or even charge on a rolling month to month basis.However, you need to be very wary of offers like these.

We have looked at a number of insurers offering several months cover rather than yearly policies and we have not felt that their premiums for the shorter periods have been competitive.

There used to be a major insurer that offered rolling month to month policies but this product was withdrawn after a large number of complaints on insurance review sites.

We have had no experience, at the moment, of a reliable insurer that offers policies of this kind but we have an open mind so if you know of one, we would love to hear from you!

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