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Car insurance for 4 weeks

Four weeks car insurance is now readily available; in fact there are two ways in which you can buy it.

The first way is by getting temporary car insurance. This is a type of policy which is available to most drivers over the age of 21 and under the age of about 75 (it varies, according to circumstances) with a reasonable driving record and a fairly modern family car and you can buy this type of policy to cover you for between one day at least, and four weeks at most. This type of policy has a number of advantages. Firstly it is very easy to set up, since you can do so online, 24 hours a day. The proposal form is very short and simple, and provided that you have your driving licence details and registration details (in other words the numberplate) of the vehicle you want to insure, you can have a policy up and running literally within minutes. Documentation in this case comes to you virtually immediately by e-mail so you can print it out at home with no waiting around for the post man to deliver your insurance certificate.

A disadvantage of this type of policy is that 28 days is the absolute maximum that it can run for; the period cannot be extended, although you will be welcome to apply for new policies in the future.

The other type is a pay-as-you-go policy. This lasts from between one and eight months. When you take out the policy you pay for the first month and then at the end of that period it is automatically renewed for the following month; unless you have given at least two weeks notice that you do not wish it to continue. This means that if you only want insurance for one month, you take out the policy and within the next fortnight give notice online that you do not wish it to be renewed. If you do not do so the policy will be renewed automatically, but in that month and all subsequent ones you will again have the option to cancel it in the same way.

The advantage of this type of policy is that it can sometimes work out cheaper to buy a month's cover in this way. Also you will have the option of allowing the policy to continue if you subsequently find out that 28 days use is not sufficient.

A disadvantage is that this is very similar to a conventional annual policy, apart from the fact that it can be stopped without penalties very easily. The proposal form is more complex, and you will need to be prepared to provide evidence of any no claims bonuses that you are entitled to from previous insurers.

Which one is best for you is something that only you will be able to find out, so you may prefer to get a quotation for each. is a trading style of Prudent Plus Ltd of Booths Hall, Booths Park, Chelford Road Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8GS, which is registered in England, company number 10104295.

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