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Car insurance for 4 weeks

Four weeks (28 days) car insurance is now readily available; in fact there are two ways in which you can buy it.

The first way is by getting temporary car insurance. This is a type of policy which is available to most drivers over the age of 21 and under the age of about 75 (it varies, according to circumstances) with a reasonable driving record and a fairly modern family car and you can buy this type of policy to cover you for between one day at least, and four weeks at most. This type of policy has a number of advantages. Firstly it is very easy to set up, since you can do so online, 24 hours a day. The proposal form is very short and simple, and provided that you have your driving licence details and registration details (in other words the numberplate) of the vehicle you want to insure, you can have a policy up and running literally within minutes. Documentation in this case comes to you virtually immediately by e-mail so you can print it out at home with no waiting around for the post man to deliver your insurance certificate.

Whilst 28 days is the absolute maximum that it can run for you can apply for another policy when this one has ended if you find you need cover for more than four weeks.

Another way of getting insurance for a fairly short period, whether this is for four weeks or a few months, would be to buy a conventional 12 month policy and then use your right to cancel it and get a refund for the unexpired remainder of the year.

The way this would work is; you would take out a 12 month policy, agreeing to pay either monthly or the full sum in advance. After your four weeks was up you would then contact the insurance company, and tell them that you wished to cancel the policy.

This is not an ideal way of going about it! There will certainly be cancellation penalties, which you would have to pay immediately if paying monthly, or which would be deducted from your refund if you had paid in one lump sum, or had been charged a large deposit as part of a pay-monthly plan. Some companies charge very large cancellation costs; some are more generous and charge as little as £25. You would have to be be very careful in checking the terms and conditions of the insurance company you wanted to buy a policy from to find out exactly what their cancellation terms were.

Do this properly and it could cost you substantially less for your period of cover than if you had taken out a short-term policy. These are, after all, quite a lot more expensive for each day of cover than a conventional yearly policy. However it is not something you would want to do too often since you may find difficulties obtaining cover in the future. Doing it once will probably be okay; more than that may raise red flags.

A word of caution; do not just get a pay-monthly policy, and simply stop paying for it when you no longer need it. You will have contracted to pay for a full 12 months and, even though you would have a right to cancel it, this would be subject to the insurance company's terms and conditions, which you would have had to accept before the policy was issued. Study these carefully; it is vital that you comply with them otherwise the insurer would have the right to enforce their claim through the courts if need be.

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