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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us, and we wish to conduct our business in such a way as to preserve it as much as we can.

This website does not use cookies in any way, and you are therefore not subjected to any of the security risks that these can bring by us.

We use no scripts on this site whatsoever that can gather any information from or about you. We are however provided with your IP address, and details of the pages that you have viewed, and the time that you have spent on these pages, by the major search engines and this information is gathered in our log files, which are deleted monthly. This is information which is automatically given out as a matter of routine to all website owners. We cannot use any of the information that we are given to personally identify you.

If you contacted by e-mail that communication will be stored in our e-mail folder. We will not use your details to spam you, just to reply to you if it is appropriate for us to do so. We will not give, sell, or lease your e-mail address or details of your communication to any other person unless we are specifically instructed to do so by a properly constituted court of law.

Please bear in mind that our website includes links to other websites, over which we have no control. If you visit these sites we recommend that you check with the own privacy policies to ensure that they are satisfactory to you. is a trading style of Prudent Plus Ltd of Booths Hall, Booths Park, Chelford Road Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8GS, which is registered in England, company number 10104295.

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