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You cannot use 1-28 days car insurance for recovering an impounded car, but there are other 30 day policies (the absolute minimum that the police will accept) that you can use.

If your car or van has been impounded for any reason you need to act as quickly as possible to get it out of the pound, otherwise there is the likelihood that it will be either crushed as scrap or sold. This usually happens fourteen days or so after the car has been seized. To get it out you'll have to show that it is taxed, insured and MOT'd. Insurance is often the problem; most cars and vans in the pound are there because the driver was not insured. Unfortunately the vast majority of insurers refuse to consider issuing a policy for an impounded vehicle and ordinary 1-28 day car insurance isn't accepted for this purpose. Neither can a friend who is insured to drive any vehicle get it out either; nearly all insurance policies specifically exclude this.

Getting it insured

There is little point trying to get cover online. Bearing in mind that a prosecution for driving without insurance is on it's way nearly all insurers will refuse to quote. However there are some insurers who will provide yearly insurance policies via a broker and even some which will issue a 30 day policy. 30 days is the absolute minimum that the authorities will accept and cover is third party only. This should be enough if you want to just get the vehicle home and either store it or sell it. If you intend to keep it then yearly policies are available with eith comprehensive or third party, fire and theft cover. These can often be paid for monthly, which could be a big advantage if money is short (which is usually the reason it was not insured in the first place).

If you ring the number above a friendly specialist broker will shop around for you and look for the most reasonable quote.

Getting it taxed

If it isn't taxed already you can do this online once you have insured it, assuming that it is MOT'd. If it hasn't got an MOT you can usually pay a deposit to cover the tax for the time being.

Getting it MOT'd

If it isn't MOT'd already you need to make a firm appointment at a testing station, take along written proof of your appointment and take the vehicle straight there after you've collected it.


Every day the vehicle stays in the pound the higher the storage charge so the more you'll have to pay to release it. Around 25% of impounded cars and vans are never collected but are disposed of, the proceeds going to central funds and not to the owners, many of whom are left with HP repayments to make on transport that they don't own anymore. And, to add insult to injury, they can be charged a disposal fee as well!

So, you get your vehicle back you you need to act quickly, otherwise you will almost certainly lose it.

Ring now for an impounded car insurance quote:

(Freephone) 0808 2640860

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