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Car insurance for seven days

Buying seven days car insurance for the majority of UK motorists should not present any problem whatsoever. Indeed, it can be purchased by most drivers who have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 12 months provided that it had been issued in the UK, in any of the countries in the EEC, in Australia, or in New Zealand. This means that if you wished to lend your car to someone from any of the relevant countries it is highly likely that a seven-day insurance policy would be available. These policies are not only there for people who wish to borrow your car of course; if you borrow a car yourself you should be able to obtain cover, provided that it is a UK registered vehicle that does not belong to a hire company.

Carriage of goods or people for hire or reward is not normally covered under these policies, but they can be used for driving to and from places of business as well as social domestic and pleasure purposes.

Getting a policy is simplicity itself, and is all carried out online. You will need to arm yourself with the registration mark of the vehicle (in other words, the numberplate) and your own driving licence details; once you have these to hand the quotation form only takes a few minutes and once you have accepted the quotation and paid by credit card you will be sent an e-mail which contains all the documentation that you will require, including the insurance certificate. It is highly recommendable that you print these out, and keep them with the car at all times.

As you would expect, not every vehicle can be accepted, and some motorists may find themselves excluded if they are outside the age range for a particular vehicle, or if their driving records are particularly poor, but the vast majority of motorists over the age of 21 should qualify quite comfortably for seven days car insurance. If in any doubt get a quotation anyway, the system will let you know if there is a problem with any of the details you input.

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