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Can I insure a car temporarily for just a few days?

Yes, short term car insurance is available for any length of time between one and 28 days.

Do I have to own the car, in order to insure it?

Normally, insuring someone elses's car with a conventional yearly policy is very expensive, even if you can find an insurance company to cover it. However, with a temporary policy you can apply to insure a car that you have borrowed from a friend or family member provided that you have the owner's permission to drive it.

Is it expensive to buy car insurance for a short period?

Short term insurance costs more per day than it would cost for a normal yearly policy but most motorists find it economical if they only need cover for a few days or weeks. Compare short term insurance quotes now and see how cheap it is for yourself. It only takes a couple of minutes to use one simple form to ask several insurers for quotations, and the cost could be much less than you think.

What can I use temporary car insurance for?

Are you a student coming home from university who would like to drive a family member's car for a couple of weeks? Do you want to share driving with a friend on a long journey? Is there a car you would like to test drive before buying it? Do you need to take over driving a car at very short notice? Do you need to borrow a larger car to move some goods? You can use temporary insurance for all of these reasons, and many more.

Can I buy short term insurance at the last minute for emergencies?

Yes. Once you buy a policy and pay for it you can be covered right away. You can get one 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it only takes a few minutes to arrange. This is ideal for when you need to borrow a car, or take over as driver, at very short notice.

Can I insure any car temporarily?

Each insurer has a list of cars which they will accept. These usually include most modern cars on UK roads but you may struggle to find cover for a very old or rare model. You can find out if the one you want to cover is acceptable by getting a quote; it only takes a minute or so and places you under no obligation whatsoever.

Borrowing a car? Do you know about the possibly disastrous consequences?!

Are there age limits for buying short term car insurance?

Yes. The usual limits are 19 to 75, although this varies from one insurer to another. Some insurers will only accept applicants over the age of 25. This is another reason why comparing several temporary insurance quotes (which you can do simultaneously) is a good idea.

Can a visitor to the UK insure a car?

Usually insuring a car in the UK, if you have a non-UK driving licence, is very difficult. However many people visit the UK and stay with friends so it is very useful to be able to borrow a car. Some short term insurers accept applications from residents of some Commonwealth countries, and countries of the EU.

If you are a foreign visitor you will need to enter a UK address on the proposal form, not your address abroad. It is acceptable to give the address of the friend or relative who you are staying with.

What level of cover is included with short term car insurance?

Cover is usually fully comprehensive whilst driving in the UK. Cover for travel within the European Union is also included, usually, but this drops to third party only cover, or the equivalent in the EU country you are driving through. You usually have the option to upgrade this to fully comprehensive cover, however, for a small extra premium.

Can learners buy temporary cover?

Yes, several insurers provide learner driver insurance for inexperienced motorists with provisional driving licences to allow them to practice in a friend's car. There are different rules for learners from those which apply to motorists with full driving licences, and the insurers that provide this type of cover offer different types of plans. This is another reason for comparing several low cost quotes so that you can select the learner driver insurance package that best suits your needs.

Do I have to have a clean driving licence to insure a car, short term?

Every insuer has it's own acceptance criteria. Just like with a conventional policy, most temporary insurers will cover people with a few accidents or convictions but every case is considered individually. Again, just compare quotes and it will only take a moment or two to find out if you qualify for temporary cover.

Does short term cover count towards my no claims bonus?

No. A temporary policy is completely separate from any other car insurance policy you may have and it doesn't count towards a no claims bonus.

Can I bring my own foreign registered car to the UK and insure it temporarily?

No. Most insurers will only cover cars that were first registered, and are normally kept, in the United Kingdom. You would be far better arranging cover in your own country of origin.

Can I use a short term policy to export a car?

No. Although the minimum legal cover for driving within the EU is usually included in these policies most underwriters insist that a journey both begins and ends in the UK.

I am buying a car. Will I need to insure it temporarily?

Most car dealers carry insurance for customers who want to test drive a car. Private sellers inevitably do not.

You may be covered to test drive a car under an 'any car not belonging' clause on an existing policy you own but this would probably only be third party cover so if you damaged the car you would be personally liable for repair costs.

One you had bought the car, though, the situation would change. You would no longer be covered by the dealer's policy or your own existing one so you would need to at least get temporary cover for one day. You could then shop around to get a cheap quote for a suitable annual insurance policy.

Can I use temporary car insurance to get a car out of a police pound?

No, you will need specialist impounded car insurance for that. You can get more details on how to buy this from our impounded car insurance page.

Can I insure a car just for driving in Europe?

The journey has to both begin, and end, in the UK. It is usually acceptable for most of the motoring to be done in the European Union but some insurers may set a limit on this so check the policy details carefully.

Is breakdown cover included with short term insurance?

Roadside Assistance is not included as standard but it is available as an optional extra, both for travel within the UK only, and also for within the EU.


The temp cover information above is generalised information only and will vary from one insurer to another, and terms may vary from one policy to another, too. It is important that you check the policy details before committing yourself to buying cover.

Any problems getting a quote?

Please and well do our best to help!

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