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Can you buy temporary car insurance for 3 days?

Probably. Three day car insurance is probably the most popular of all the short term car insurance choices, for a number of reasons. Firstly people going away for a weekend often like to have three days cover so that they have the option of using the car on the Friday or the Monday as well; and a lot of people who buy cars take out three days cover initially because this is how long it usually takes for them to get the vehicle home, find time to get on the Internet, and choose the best annual policy at the lowest price that they can find. Whatever your reason for buying three day car insurance, however, the process is still the same.

Will a short term car insurance policy cover me for other cars, as well as the one I've insured?

No, the policy is usually designed to insure you for a single vehicle only. If you want to drive several vehicles you will need separate insurance on each car.

Can you insure a car you don't own, temporarily?

It doesn't matter whether the car you want to insure for three days belongs to you or not, provided that it is not a hired car. Armed with the registration details of the car and your driving licence details you go online and fill in a short and easy form, and within a very short time indeed, provided that you meet the age and driving experience qualifications and the car that you wish to drive is acceptable, you are presented with a quotation. Accept the quote, pull out your credit card or debit card and pay online, and you can be insured for three days from that moment onwards.

What kind of cover do I get with a temporary policy?

A short term car insurance policy usually provides comprehensive cover for travel within the UK. This means that if you have an accident the insurance company should pay for third party costs, as well as your own, subject to the policy excess and any other restrictions. Driving in the EU is normally covered too, but this falls to third party risks only, although it can usually be upgraded to comprehensive cover for a small extra premium.

If I lend my car to someone, wouldn't their existing insurance policy cover them for my car, too?

Some comprehensive policies do indeed cover the policyholder to drive other cars that he or she doesn't own. However, this is usually restricted to third party risks only. If the driver damages your car you could be faced with massive costs if that driver cannot or will not pay for it.

Also you need to be 100% certain that the person driving your car is indeed insured. Allowing a car to be driven by an uninsured person, even if you truly believe that person to be insured, is a very serious offence with stiff penalties. Insisting on a short term policy could save your driving licence.

Why can't I buy temporary car insurance from my current insurer?

For most insurers it simply isn't economical to insure a car for one, two, or three days. The system of working out premiums based on historical claims records is fully automated and when there is a possible premium of several hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds likely to come from a sale it is worth the considerable expense of setting up a computerised quoting system.

On the other hand a short term policy could cost less than ten pounds, so it is a very specialised product that most insurers do not think it worth while to invest in.

If I buy short term car insurance, do I need to carry the insurance certificate?

It is not sufficient to be insured; you have to be able to prove it too. To make this is as easy as possible you are sent an e-mail which contains all the relevant information and a copy of the insurance certificate, which, provided that you are the proud owner of a home printer, you can make a copy of before you drive the vehicle. If it is at all possible it is advisable to do this, although it is not strictly a legal necessity. It is always possible however that the best laid plans go wrong and you could either be involved in an accident or asked to present your documents to a police officer for any reason, and since it takes several days for the police database to upload all your insurance details it would be useful to have something to show just in case a problem crops up.

Carrying your mobile phone at all the time you are driving can be a good idea. If you have to prove you're insured for the three days you can show the email you received from the temporary car insurance company which most police officers should accept.

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